About Santa Barbara County Farm Day

 The tours are self-guided. You travel in your own car, at your own pace, visiting the locations most exciting and intriguing to you. With over ten venues to choose from, Farm Day has something for everyone. Tours are held between 10 am and 3 pm. Farm Day is all about having fun, exploring the community food system and learning about Santa Barbara County’s rich agricultural heritage. The first annual Santa Barbara County Farm Day will be spearheaded by the Santa Maria Valley!

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How it All began!

Santa Barbara County Farm Day is brought to you by Students for Eco-Education & Agriculture [SEEAG], a 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Ventura, California.


Mary Maranville founded Students for Eco-Education and Agriculture [SEEAG] in 2008. Even with Ventura County's rich agricultural heritage, children haven’t made the connection between the acres of farmland around them and the food on their tables. The educational program, Farm Lab, helps make that connection. Providing kids with free field trips to local farms brings the message home even further.

SEEAG's mission is to educate children about the farm origins of their food from field to table, while cultivating visceral connections to the surrounding farmland and its contribution to nutritional well being.

SEEAG's Agricultural Education Programs — "The Journey of Our Food From Field to Fork", "The Journey of a Lemon & Ventura County Specialty Crops," and "STEAM-based Careers in Agriculture" — are offered at no cost to schools throughout Ventura and Los Angeles counties during the school year. To learn more about our education programs, visit the SEEAG.ORG website here.

If you would like to make a donation to keep these programs available to the children in the communities we serve, click the donate button below.