Engel & Gray Inc. and Harvest Blend Compost

Engel & Gray, Inc. is proud to be part of Farm Day 2019! Stop by our yard at 745 West Betteravia Road to see how compost is made. See the equipment that is used to transform organic waste into beneficial compost products. We will have hands on demonstrations planting vege plants in compost amended soil. Up to a 1/4 yard of Harvest Blend Compost will be available for each family. Bring a bucket or a pickup and we will help you with your fall garden.

See the recycle truck that picks up your green cart and follow the process as we turn your greenwaste into Harvest Blend Compost! We will show you how thousands of Mike Robes (microbes) work to make compost a reality and healthy soil a benefit to all.

Parking Instructions: 745 West Betteravia Road at the railroad tracks 1.7 miles from Hwy 101



745 West Betteravia Road

Santa Maria, CA 93455


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