Innovative Produce

Innovative Produce is a sixth generation fresh produce farming company that strives to lead the industry by continually evolving innovative practices and quality products to maximize the well-being of our customers, community and company. 

We believe in collaborative relationships, holding the highest ethical business and humanitarian standards, responsible environmental resource management, and investing in technological advances. It’s not enough to provide jobs and operate a business. We are passionate about empowering our employees and building the community in which we live and work.

Parking Instructions: We will be hosting Farm Day at our Ranch 7, located at 680 S. Simas Road Santa Maria. (If you put the address in Maps, it will come up as “Smra Water Conservation.”) Head east into the ranch, and our staff will guide you on where to park.

Located at the historic Tognazzini “Sunset Laguna” Dairy, visitors will see our automated Brussels sprouts harvesting machine, learn about Santa Maria Valley dairy history, take photos with modern and vintage farm equipment, as well as taste test Brussels sprouts prepared by Chef Rick!

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680 S. Simas Rd

Santa Maria, CA 93455


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